Cover art reveal for my new book of stories

Gang, Blue Cactus Press and I are trucking along on the production of my next book, the story collection There Is No Other Way to Worship Them. And ICYMI, this past week we revealed the cover art!

The cover design is still under construction, but the artwork going on the front and back covers is simply stunning, and I’m utterly in love with it. Both pieces are original work, done specifically for Blue Cactus Press and my book, by tattooist and painter Evie Yapelli, aka Show Pigeon!

Here’s the artwork we’re using on the front:

Front cover art by Show Pigeon (aka Evie Yapelli)

And here’s the artwork we’re using on the back cover:

Back cover art by Show Pigeon (aka Evie Yapelli)

I think the coolest thing — apart from the artwork itself — is that Show Pigeon consulted with us on the book, reading the manuscript and asking me about my intentions with the stories before designing these custom paintings of a shadow-dog and a yucca plant. (Wanna know why those two images? Read the book! Or stay tuned for future interviews, blog tour posts, and my public appearances where you can ask me in person!

Show PigeonAnd while you’re out and about and thinking about my book, keep an eye out for Show Pigeon. She’s based in California, but she’ll be in Portland, Oregon, from June 28 – June 30 at Icon Tattoo. (She’s booked for appointments on 28/29, but she’ll be taking walk-ins on June 30.)

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