There Is No Other Way to Worship Them

TINOWtWT front cover

front and back cover art by Show Pigeon

Coming in 2018 from Blue Cactus Press

There Is No Other Way to Worship Them is an eerie, mesmerizing collection of short stories set in Mexico and Texas. Each of the collection’s nine stories are woven together with themes of violence, mysticism and failures in the pursuit of love. Characters and landscapes slip from one story to the next, teasing readers with a sense of magical realism mastered by Snoek-Brown.

Teaser preview of “It Was the Only Way,” one of the stories from There Is No Other Way to Worship Them, courtesy of Blue Cactus Press.

Praise for:

A vivid and heartfelt homage to people who are ‘slow to be accepted’ and thus caught in the between spaces—journeying, hungering, and longing to arrive, to matter, to be loved.

— Ethel Rohan, author of The Weight of Him

No one has written better about submission to inevitability as an act of courage than Sam Snoek-Brown. In this collection of elegant, graceful, sad, beautiful stories, big predicaments roll out like the tide, sweeping along characters who understand that resistance and redemption are better pondered than enacted, that freedom is the freedom to stay afloat. Whether depicting the past or the recognizable present, this books depicts our impasse: idealism tempered by regret or a clear-eyed sense of repercussion. These luminous stories continually deliver a turn of events or a turn of phrase that makes us reconsider what it means to be human. A fine collection.

Debra Monroe, author of A Wild, Cold State and My Unsentimental Education

Samuel Snoek-Brown allows you into the intimacies of others’ lives with their open figurative and literal wounds. Ordinary people, common opportunities, conventional choices, familiar failures, but there is nothing everyday about these characters who become your friends, your family, those who live on your street, shop at the same store, eat at the same restaurant. The author guides you as you flesh out their past from your own experience. In time they move away but you will stay in touch, imagining where they are now and what they are doing.

There is no Other Way to Worship Them is a remarkable achievement introducing us to characters we will remember with a shake of the head at their past and a hope for the best as we imagine their future.

Robert Flynn, author of Living with the Hyenas and Echoes of Glory

Announcement of the new book

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Background on the stories in the collection

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