Special features

Over the years, I’ve put together a number of special pages or series of posts that I thought I would collect here for anyone who’s interested. Some of these are related to teaching, others to writing; many relate to both. I hope they are of some use — I certainly got a lot out of writing them.

2 thoughts on “Special features

  1. Dear SSB,
    I miss your presence on Twitter, but I understand your reason for leaving, and, in fact, I will soon be joining you in this departure, and for mychly the same reaso.. Right after AWP, I’m done.

    May I ask whether you’ll be at AWP? And would you be willing to share email addresses? I’d like to stay in touch, even remotely. Your thoughts are too interesting, and of course the Reel Librarian content is out of this world.

    Side note: we have a common friend in Amy Foster Myer. In fact, we shared space on the back of her chapbook with our blurbs.

    1. So good to hear from you! Even though I’ve “left” Twitter, my account is still active; I’ll DM you my contact details there.

      Also, for the public record, Amy Foster Myer is RAD! I haven’t heard from her in a bit, but her chapbook is amazing.

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