More help for Haiti

The links just keep coming, thanks especially to my friends Rima Abunasser, Beth Davidson, and Diana Pearson.  I’m re-posting the list from yesterday, but some links are to organizations and some to lists of organizations, so I’m listing the lists first:

  • Charity Navigator (this is a kind of clearing house for reliable, reputable charities; it weeds out the scams and helps you find the right charity for your giving preferences)
  • InterAction (from my friend Rima:  “a list of legitimate organizations who are participating in the relief effort”)
  • Google (my friend Beth pointed out that Google is listing charities; you can search yourself or just follow the link she sent me)
  • BBB Wise Giving Alliance (Beth also pointed out this clearing house, “for ‘vetting’ charities”)
  • The White House (this comes directly from President Obama, via an mass e-mail he sent out; it lists all the efforts our government is taking and how you can help, and it’s where I got this web badge for today’s post)

Help for Haiti: Learn What You Can Do

Here are some individual charities and organizations:

  • International Red Cross Red Crescent (this is the main site for the joint operations of Red Cross and Red Crescent; you can donate directly here, or you can use their search tool to find a Red Cross or Red Crescent office in your home country)
  • Doctors Without Borders (they were already operating three hospitals in Haiti before the earthquake, but all three hospitals are destroyed and the medical staff are now operating out of tents and temporary shelters–they desperately need your help, and every dollar counts)
  • Oxfam (another hugely important coallition of international aid organizations)
  • Heifer International (Heifer seeks to fight hunger and poverty, and has decided to step in as a first responder in the Haiti crisis.  Thanks to my friend Beth Davidson for pointing this one out.)
  • Episcopal Relief and Development (my friend Diana says this organization “is already on the ground there and puts 92 cents on the dollar into relief work.”)
  • World Vision (my friend Rima says, “according to ABC, they’re already distributing first aid kits and and other staples in Haiti.”)
  • Save the Children (also from Rima:  “using grassroots methods like sending motorcycle teams to help people in Port au Prince”)
  • Care (Rima:  “distributing high protein biscuits they already had in warehouses in Haiti”; Beth highlighted this one, too)
  • UNICEF (a time-honored and reliable group–I used to “trick or treat” for donations when I was a kid; thanks to Beth for pointing this one out!)
  • Clinton Bush Haiti Fund (a new addition to this list; this is the organization set up by former Presidents Clinton and G.W. Bush, as the request of President Obama)

Thanks everyone for your links and support!  Keep those ideas coming, and keep the words, the money, and the helping hands going!

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