Reading and writing: a beginning, and no end in sight!

Reading on the floor

Just wanted to quickly share two blog posts, which by happy accident I happened to read almost back to back today.

The first is from Odds ‘N Ends (aka Mary’s Little Blog), in which a mother recounts helping her son learn to read and write. More importantly, the post focuses on the first time her son read a story on his own — a tremendous achievement and a memorable milestone in any reader’s and writer’s life! (My big moment arrived, appropriately enough, on the toilet, when, at age four, I read the top of a carton of laundry soap my mother had stored in the bathroom. It’s been my favorite reading room ever since.) Check out Mary’s son’s story at “Mom, I know LOTS of words.”

The other post is from Bill and Dave’s Cocktail Hour, where writer Bill Roorbach, after spinal fusion neck surgery, is learning new — and healthier! — ways to read and write for a living. You can read the epic saga of his surgery ordeal starting with his posts on “Occupational Hazards,” but the post I read today, “Ergonomics,” is all about his path toward better reading and writing habits. Ergonomic chairs, proper sitting postures, speech-recognition software … the whole toolkit. There’s nothing overtly heroic about the post, but the quiet subtlety (typical of Bill) in his penultimate line — “My job is all reading and writing, and I’m going to have to find new ways to do it” — belies Bill’s determination to keep reading and writing no matter what, not just because it’s his job but because it’s who he is.

It’s who I am, too. And if you’re a regular reader of this blog, my guess is it’s who you are, too. This is who we all are. We read and we write, some of us for a living but all of us for life.

4 thoughts on “Reading and writing: a beginning, and no end in sight!

  1. Just a note to let you know of a book blog I’ve started with a different twist: “Writing Kurt Vonnegut.” Every Saturday, I post another excerpt from my notebook as Vonnegut’s biographer— profiles of the people I met, the difficulties encountered, and the surprises, such as finding 1,500 letters he thought he had lost forever. It’s a blog written in episodes about being a literary detective.

    “Writing Kurt Vonnegut” is only three weeks old but has already been linked to from GalleyCat, 3 Quarks Daily, the Book Bench, the Rumpus, Identity Theory, Maud Newton, and Litopia.

    Perhaps you’d like to give it a look at

    All the best,

    Charles J. Shields
    And So It Goes: Kurt Vonnegut, A Life (Holt, November 2011)

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