Fictional election (no, this isn’t about politics)

Lightning Strike in Texas City
Lightning Strike in Texas City (Photo credit: OneEighteen)

Hey, gang. I know, two posts in one day. But I need my readers’ help for two seconds:

Now that it’s the end of September, the excellent Bartleby Snopes is preparing to select their Story of the Month — and you get to vote for the winner!

And since my story “Lightning My Pilot” appeared in the middle of the month, I’m in the running. So, maybe you love that story. Or maybe you like it okay but you think I’m a pretty cool guy so what the heck. Or maybe you hate it and want to vote for some other story just to see me lose — hey, it could happen. But I doubt it, because this is probably my one story that just about everyone likes.

So, give me a boost? Drop by Bartleby Snopes and vote for “Lightning My Pilot.” Or vote for a different story, if you think there’s one that’s better — I won’t hold it against you. It’s about great writing, not about me.

(But it’d be pretty cool if you voted for me.)

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I write fiction and teach college writing and literature. I'm the author of the story collection There Is No Other Way to Worship Them, the novel Hagridden, and the flash fiction chapbooks Box Cutters and Where There Is Ruin.

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