Really good blog post on how to help writers (and how writers can help themselves). Seems an appropriate post to share as Bill Roorbach heads to Portland. Oh, you’re going to be in PDX on Thursday, Jan. 10? Great! Head to Powell’s at 7:30 pm, hear Bill read from Life Among Giants, and then buy his book — he’ll totally sign it for you. Heck, buy all his books (I’m teaching from his Writing Life Stories in my nonfiction workshop starting on Monday).

Diane Sherlock

ImageSeveral times this past year, I had people ask how they could help me with my books. The first question I asked was whether they’d bought any of them.     No.      Well, there’s a start! You want to help an author, buy their books. Forget all the fancy posts on book marketing – there’s some helpful information, but the main way to sell books is by word of mouth. That is what I’ve heard consistently from publishers, agents and other authors. Word. Of. Mouth. You like an author, please tell other people! Buy their books as gifts for your friends. Spread the word, use social media, post it on Facebook, Twitter, put the book cover on Instagram. If you know a photographer who’d take a good author photo in exchange for credit and building up their portfolio then pass along that information. You don’t have to come…

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