Some exciting Hagridden news

People following my Author Page on Facebook already know a lot of this, but I wanted to put together a blog post with a handful of cool announcements in one place:

The release date

Nothing new here, but I wanted to remind everyone that as of yesterday, we’re officially one month away from publication! Hagridden comes out August 19. That’s a Tuesday. In case you need to take off work to celebrate. ūüôā


The book

When the book comes out in August, you’ll be able to buy it in paperback and e-book formats, but I’m very excited to tell you that Columbus Press will also be producing a hardback edition! Stay tuned to the website for more details!


The website

Screen shot 2014-07-20 at 2.38.30 PMAbout that website: A while back, Columbus Press launched an Internet home for Hagridden. At first, it was just a clean black screen with the title and release date, plus a quote from the novel. This was cool, because the book was still in production and they were just getting the word out.¬†But this week, the publisher’s web team unveiled a total¬†redesign, playing on the cover design and including¬†a media kit, blurbs, and¬†contact info for anyone seeking an advance review¬†copy! And I have it on good authority that Columbus Press has a few more features in the works!

So¬†now’s a great time to¬†check out the website, gang, even if you’re already seen it. And make sure you bookmark it so you can stay tuned to it throughout the next month as more features turn up!


The new trailer

I also put together a new teaser trailer for Hagridden. As with the first trailer, this is all my own work, so blame me. ūüôā

The rougarou
by Betsy Streeter

That trailer includes a cool bit of art I commissioned from Betsy Streeter, whose work I’ve loved since I put her on the cover of Jersey Devil Press back in March. Check out her website for more cool animal-headed artwork!


The events

Speaking of the rougarou: If you haven’t checked out the big Hagridden event in Columbus, OH — Rougarou: Journey to the End of the Night — you need to get in on this thing! If you have checked it out, you should know that it keeps getting cooler: now, in addition to playing a rougarou-themed game of nighttime street tag, we’ll also be ending the night in a local theater watching old werewolf movies. And, if you get in on the funding, you might even wind up drinking with me! My treat! For that latter opportunity — plus signed copies of Hagridden, exceptionally cool t-shirts, and more, check out the event’s indiegogo site.

There’s also a cool new trailer for that event, made by my fellow Columbus Press author Drew Farnsworth:

Even MORE events

I’ve also been adding a handful of new¬†readings, book talks, and signings on my Events page here in the website. Check out the list for appearances near you. And I’m working on a few more, so stay tuned for¬†updates!

Some of those might also be listed in your local media — I recently found my book signing at a San Antonio Barnes & Noble mentioned in the San Antonio Current events magazine — so keep an eye on the web or your local news, and if you spot my name, let me know!

Published by Samuel Snoek-Brown

I write fiction and teach college writing and literature. I'm the author of the story collection There Is No Other Way to Worship Them, the novel Hagridden, and the flash fiction chapbooks Box Cutters and Where There Is Ruin.

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