Part 2 – Mark Russell, writer of DC Comics’ Flintstones and Prez – Book Club Discussion

A few weeks back, I shared a blog post from Tacoma’s Stargazer Comics Toys & Games about my friend Mark Russell‘s visit and discussion at Stargazer’s monthly book club. We were discussing, of course, the first trade volume of Mark’s brilliant Flintstones series from DC Comics, and, with Mark’s permission, the owners taped the conversation and have been posting the entire transcript on their blog. The reblog a few weeks ago was Part 1 of that transcript; this is Part 2. (Part 3 is still on its way!) And if you haven’t read The Flintstones yet, SPOILER ALERT! and get yourself to your local comic book shop and grab the first trade volume!

Stargazer Comics, Toys & Games


– This picks up immediately after Part 1, which can be found here:

ST: It seems that, unless people are forced outside of their comfort zone of taking orders and asking about fries, most people don’t actively try to use their “computer.”

MR: Well yeah, we numb them. They’re so exhausted, dealing with these mundane, uninteresting questions… when they go home, they don’t want to deal with the world.

They associate the world with boredom and hardship….


[roaring laughter]

ST: So we’ve touched on this a little bit, but in the Flintstones, there’s a lot of critique of Western society, American society…

Generally, what are your thoughts on our modern society? On the citizenry of this country? Stratification of power…

What do you think about where we are right now?

MR: What I hope we’re seeing is the last gasp of the entrenchment of these…

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