BER-nee, Texas

Several years ago, my wife and I were on our first trip to Prince Edward Island, in the Canadian Maritimes. One evening, we decided to attend a “murder mystery” dinner theater, just for fun, and got to chatting with one of the actors. This guy was playing (or maybe was in real life) an over-the-topContinue reading “BER-nee, Texas”

New publication

I have a new story online today! And people, this one feels special. The story, “Curl Up and Burn,” is another from my collection, Strangers Die Every Day. When my story “Have Love, Will Hurt” shows up later at The Rusty Nail, all the short stories (but not the novella) will have been published somewhere, at someContinue reading “New publication”

New publication

Just a quick note to say I have a new story out in Scintilla Magazine, which just went live today. Huge props to editor Timothy A. Lepczyk for making the issue look so awesome! I mentioned a week and a half ago that this story actually came to me as a suggestion from a coworker,Continue reading “New publication”

New publication

Spring is busy for me, gang! Publications abound, and I’m feeling pretty damned lucky. Today, my story “Kicking to Stay On” is live at Fried Chicken and Coffee — at least, it’s live until the main character kills it. He’s a dark dude, and he likes to kill things. Starting with animals. So if youContinue reading “New publication”

Not-really-new publication

About a month ago, I was thrilled to have my story “Barefoot in the Guadalupe” appear in Red Dirt Review. (Editor John G. Hartness was extremely kind in his comments on the story, which made the publication all the cooler.) Now, the collected issue of Red Dirt Review — Volume 2 — is available in print orContinue reading “Not-really-new publication”