The “rules” of reading: Neil Gaiman, Hagridden, and age appropriateness

Yesterday, on my Facebook page, I revealed that my eight-year-old niece had taken my books to school because her class is discussing what and why authors write. She thought it would be cool to share with her classmates that her uncle is a published author, even though, as my sister put it, my fiction isContinue reading “The “rules” of reading: Neil Gaiman, Hagridden, and age appropriateness”

A Writer’s Notebook: Scene or short-short?

Sometimes you just write. This is what I wrote. There is no particular exercise, but I’ll explain below where this comes from. He didn’t mow the hay field, or rake it into rows or bale it into the wide wheels, bound in plastic, that baked in the sun now. But he owned the aftermath, theContinue reading “A Writer’s Notebook: Scene or short-short?”