Words everywhere

What a week in literature! This past Tuesday, my wife and I went to see Salman Rushdie speak as the inaugural writer in this year’s Portland Arts & Lectures series. I’ve heard him on the radio several times and I’ve enjoyed his appearances on The Daily Show, so I knew the guy was not onlyContinue reading “Words everywhere”

11-11: World fiction review (Orhan Pamuk)

Part murder mystery, part historical novel, part spiritual meditation, part political intrigue, part love story, part philosophical treatise, part artistic rumination, part narrative experiment. . . . Orhan Pakmuk‘s My Name is Red, the English translation of which helped him secure a nomination for the Nobel Prize in Literature (he won in 2006), is many, manyContinue reading “11-11: World fiction review (Orhan Pamuk)”

How to win the Nobel Prize (by eating a puppy)

A couple of weeks ago, the Nobel committee in Stockholm announced that Swedish poet Tomas Transtromer had won this year’s Nobel Prize in Literature. Congrats, Tomas Transtromer! But apparently I’m in the minority over here in the US, because Americans in general have been booing the Nobel Prize for a few years now, ever since Horace Engdahl, theContinue reading “How to win the Nobel Prize (by eating a puppy)”