“Hubris” -the likely downfall of Gov. Walker? (via Teacher Reality)

For anyone still confused about what’s really happening in Wisconsin, this is an excellent, real-life summary of what’s at stake. Not politics, not ideologies. Just the real situation of so many real people and what they stand to lose if Walker’s bill passes. Please read it and share it. Marc Sears. a former public schoolContinue reading ““Hubris” -the likely downfall of Gov. Walker? (via Teacher Reality)”

“Kill Bill Vol 3”: Education on the chopping block

Wisconsin is in serious trouble.  Their budget is bleeding and they need to stop the wound.  So newly-elected governor Scott Walker has proposed to slash state spending in drastic ways, and the state legislature is fast-tracking the budget proposal for a vote this week.  Tomorrow, in fact. If that budget passes, Wisconsin will not merelyContinue reading ““Kill Bill Vol 3”: Education on the chopping block”