Texas Rising — and rising . . . and . . . mercifully, it’s gone

It’s over, folks. At long, long last, the Texas Rising series is finished. But hang in there, because I still have to write about this last episode, which I’ve done more or less in the order it was presented us, mostly because of some problems I want to point out with both the narrative and theContinue reading “Texas Rising — and rising . . . and . . . mercifully, it’s gone”

Texas Rising — some comments before the last episode

Tonight, the final episode of Texas Rising airs, and yes, exhausted though I was after even the first episode, I am sticking it out to the end and I’ll blog about it tomorrow. In the meantime, my posts so far attracted the attention of the Wall Street Journal, and ten days ago I had aContinue reading “Texas Rising — some comments before the last episode”

Texas Rising — in a cloud of dust and a fog of history

When I was a boy living in Texas, I loved The Dukes of Hazzard. I watch their TV show constantly, I had the General Lee in both Hot Wheels size and the large action-figure size because I also had the action figures of Bo and Luke Duke. I often had them mingle with my actionContinue reading “Texas Rising — in a cloud of dust and a fog of history”

Texas Rising — a yellow rose blooms, but mind the thorns

So, before I get into the third episode of Texas Rising, I would like to start with the show’s own disclaimer: “The following program is a dramatic interpretation of Texas’ fight for independence. Viewer discretion is advised.” I suppose the “viewer discretion” they advise is to focus on the “interpretation” part and not take any of this tooContinue reading “Texas Rising — a yellow rose blooms, but mind the thorns”

Texas Rising — and quickly falling

I grew up in Texas, where the hagiography of early Texans and the aggrandizing of our heritage (or, at least, our Anglo heritage) was mandatory. People think I’m participating in the tradition of tall tales when I say a thing like that, but it’s true: in Texas schools, you learn Texas history before you learn AmericanContinue reading “Texas Rising — and quickly falling”