Interview with Todd McNamee, author of Drifting

My friend Todd McNamee will be holding a reading this Saturday at Old World Merchants in Vancouver, WA, “surrounded by all my wonderful friends and family,” he writes on the event’s Facebook page. “I am very excited to be doing this at my dear friend’s import store” — which is such a cool venue forContinue reading “Interview with Todd McNamee, author of Drifting”

Todd McNamee releases “Drifting”

“I’m a bastard.” Could you ask for a better opening line? But the narrator in Todd McNamee’s debut novel, Drifting, isn’t speaking figuratively or self-depracatingly: he means this literally. “My name is Patrick Mulligan and I was raised an only child in Portland, Oregon, by a mother who loved me,” the narrator continues. “My father’sContinue reading “Todd McNamee releases “Drifting””