Rima the Arab Girl

Maybe you like personal narratives and insightful, meaningful memoirs. Or maybe you like political editorials. Or maybe you’re just a concerned citizen of the world who wants to stay informed but is sick of the same old news cycle, the same cold, indifferent data used to sell advertising.

Maybe you just love really, really good writing.

Whatever your reason, you need to start reading the blog Rima the Arab Girl. Subscribe to her RSS feeds. And keep tissues handy — a few of her posts have been so heartbreakingly excellent that they’d made me cry. But it’s the most literary kind of crying you can do, a purging, cleansing flood of guilt and joy and sorrow and anger and joy — oh, the joy, both at what Rima says and at how she says it. Her blog posts are often genuinely, classically cathartic.

This blog is not always easy to read, but it’s always beautiful and always brilliant.

So I’m serious: start reading this blog RIGHT NOW.

[Full disclosure: Rima is a friend of mine. And I am extremely fortunate to know her even a little bit. Read her blog, and you will know her a little bit too, and you’ll feel just as fortunate.]

Published by Samuel Snoek-Brown

I write fiction and teach college writing and literature. I'm the author of the story collection There Is No Other Way to Worship Them, the novel Hagridden, and the flash fiction chapbooks Box Cutters and Where There Is Ruin.

One thought on “Rima the Arab Girl

  1. Nice of you to mention another blog you admire, Sam, and you are right, Rima is a fantastic writer, and it’s a very interesting site. Thanks for posting the link xx

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