Not-really-new publication

This image, which accompanies the reboot of my story on Ampersand Review, is by goRillA-iNK. Look him up on Deviant Art.

Today is a twofer! Though this publication isn’t exactly new: it’s “Horror Vacui,” which originally appeared in the online supplement to Vol. 6 of Ampersand Review last year. Ampersand, who is always awesome, went through a massive redesign of their website this year, and in the process a lot of their work disappeared from the Internet, so they’ve been re-posting stories from the archives. Today, my story is back online!

Word of warning, though: it’s about a man obsessed with his bowel movements and what’s in his septic tank. So, you know, I wouldn’t recommend reading it over, say, chocolate pudding.

I would, however, recommend reading it, and, of course, everything else in Ampersand Review. 🙂

5 thoughts on “Not-really-new publication

  1. Kept reading this even though I didn’t want to but couldn’t help but find out where the story went. Now I am almost afraid to sit on the toliet, lol.

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