The last of the conversation with EJ Runyon

EJ Runyon and I had a LONG and very interesting conversation about my story “Lightning My Pilot.” We get into areas of general craft, but it’ll help to read the story (if you haven’t already) to understand some of what we talk about. And if you haven’t read parts one or two of the interview, you can start the whole conversation here; then you can check out part two dive into part two of the interview here.

Otherwise, dive into the third and final part of the interview, in which I break down story structure!

Any comments? Feel free to leave some here, but definitely leave questions or comments at EJ’s blog: join our conversation! 🙂

Oh, and PS: I’ve added a new “Interviews” page to my blog, under the “Writing” menu, where you can find interviews I do with other writers and interviews people have done with me. I’m planning to expand the interviews I’ve done with others soon (including an exciting interview I hope to post early next month), so stay tuned. And if you want to interview me, just drop me a line — I’m fun to talk to. 🙂

E.J. Runyon's Author Blog

NaNo '12 ParticipantAs a run up to National Novel Writing Month for 2012,  we’ve been talking to writer, Samuel Snoek-Brown, my guest for the past three weeks. He wrote a short story that really caught me, and we’ve been deconstructing it and discussing it’s structure.

I seriously recommend novice writers try doing this with work they like. It’s a great way to teach yourself about what it is that goes into a story.

So first, take a look at his short story, Lightning My Pilot.

Then, if you haven’t yet, see our talk over the past two weeks:

Writers Discussing Writing – pt I

Writers Discussing Writing – pt II

I really didn’t expect us to have that much to discuss, but you know writers… especially deadly serious ones. Here it is…

Blog three of three

EJR:As we left off last time: talking about short stories and breaking them down…

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