People reading — and writing about — Box Cutters

One last post this year of photos from readers. But I’m adding a bonus here: some snippets of reviews people have been posting on Goodreads and Amazon and Powell’s!

from my very excellent librarian wife, Jennifer Snoek-Brown
(she’s read and reread the book probably a dozen times — it just took me this long to catch her at it with a camera nearby)
from fellow Pacific-Northwesterner and part-time elf Jaretta Richey
from fellow Pacific-Northwesterner and part-time elf Jaretta Richey
from grad school pal and tech-writing professor Crystal Elerson
from grad school pal and tech-writing professor Crystal Elerson

Like some other friends/readers, Crystal decided to take my book on a little road trip. “Well-written short fiction that travels well and lends itself to fun photography — what more could you need?” she wrote when she showed me these.

Speaking of people saying nice things about the book: there’s a (very cool!) published review by Alex DeBonis on The Small Press Book Review, and, from what I understand, a few more reviews in the pipe at various publications. But in the meantime, readers like you have been writing some wonderful comments about the book, too!

From Goodreads:

It’s an ultra-short collection of piano-wire-taut very short fiction with moments sharpened down to razor-wire. And be them violent, lonesome, tormented, misguided, haunted, caged, or rejected — we each become voyeurs in these snap-shot lives, and the surprising nature of these moments.

Hosho McCreesh

Sam Snoek-Brown is good. Real good. His writing is simple and it shines.

Leesa Cross-Smith

I commend Sam Snoek-Brown for his marvelous, skilled writing. I love short fiction, and he really delivers a top rate collection in Box Cutters.

Wendy Ellis

This is a stunning collection of short fiction from Sam.

Robert Vaughan

From Amazon:

From within the simple Americana situations of Raymond Carver, Samuel Snoek-Brown is able to combine astute observation, Tom Waits-style lyricism and heartbreak, and a bit of poetry to reveal, in brief, tense bursts, human beings creating and then questioning their own estrangement from each other.

John Sibley Williams

These superb little flashes of people in their places remind me of facets in a gem. There and then gone, yet not.

Nancy Collins

This compact compendium is entertainingly rich in imagery of the finest sort. The stories are all quite short, but despite their compact nature they don’t leave the reader with a sense of incompleteness. Indeed, anything but. This is prose that dances like poetry.

Dan Cooper

From Powell’s:

A fast read, and very well done! I especially like the form he used, it’s blog-like.

Patte Farkas-Braker

Loved the stories. A short read, variety, and nice introduction to his writing if you have not already experience reading his other publications.

Julie Snoek

Okay, full disclosure: that last one was my mom. (Hi, Mom!) 🙂

If you’ve read Box Cutters, I’d love to know what you thought of it! Good or bad — I can take it. I just want to hear from readers.

And if you have a copy, I’m always looking for photos of the book in its new home! Please keep sending them, gang!

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I write fiction and teach college writing and literature. I'm the author of the story collection There Is No Other Way to Worship Them, the novel Hagridden, and the flash fiction chapbooks Box Cutters and Where There Is Ruin.

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