Hashtag Hagridden

I’m not on Instagram, which is weird considering how much I like taking and sharing photos. (Remember when I used to keep a Photo Blog here on this website?) But a lot of folks seem to love it, and some of those folks — lo and behold — also dig my novel, Hagridden. Okay, sure,Continue reading “Hashtag Hagridden”

Ruining a box to extract a treasure

Okay, that title is dumb. I didn’t ruin the box at all. (My wife even complimented the pretty shipping label!) But I did cut the box open, and there’s a story there. When my first book, Box Cutters — also a chapbook of short fiction — came out and I received my first copies in theContinue reading “Ruining a box to extract a treasure”

The last of the Box Cutters

You read that title right, gang: my first book, the flash-fiction chapbook Box Cutters, has nearly sold out of its print run. I received ten of them in the mail today, and sunnyoutside press has a handful more on their end, but that’s it. Enough people fell in love with that book that it’s almost goneContinue reading “The last of the Box Cutters”

Books that surprised David S. Atkinson

David S. Atkinson, whose book Bones Buried in Dirt just plain delighted me this time last year and whose preview of Hagridden this year was beautiful and so greatly appreciated, well, he’s gone and done something awesome again. Not a great believer in “top books” lists, David has instead listed some books that surprised him this pastContinue reading “Books that surprised David S. Atkinson”

Chapbook interviews!

This is a fun surprise! Just before the holidays, I did an interview with the chapbook and novella website Speaking of Marvels, and today that interview went live. I love Speaking of Marvels, by the way. I only recently started reading them — my publisher, sunnyoutside press, sent them my direction — but we needContinue reading “Chapbook interviews!”

Reading at Salon Skid Row

Earlier this week, I joined a group of fun writers and poets at a bar in downtown Portland for a little drinking, a little laughter, and a lot of literature, because we were all reading as part of the Salon Skid Row series. Hosted by Josh Lubin at The Corner Bar, the series is oldContinue reading “Reading at Salon Skid Row”

People eating and drinking and snuggling with cats while reading Hagridden

More Hagridden pix! This edition features coffee and burgers and bells and cats — and the first-ever photo of the Hagridden e-book!: FYI: I’ll be seeing my friend Bri in a couple of weeks, when I visit her creative writing classes and give a reading at Ivy Tech Community College. Hope to see you all there! PS: TrevorContinue reading “People eating and drinking and snuggling with cats while reading Hagridden”

Portland release party for Hagridden

Today’s the day, gang! I’ve only been back in my home city of Portland for a few days, but it’s been enough to rest up from my big Southern book tour, and now it’s PDX’s turn for a Hagridden party! And folks, this one’s gonna be a doozy. We’re at the Independent Publishing Resource Center, one ofContinue reading “Portland release party for Hagridden”

More people reading Hagridden

Here we are again! Some of the folks reading Hagridden are being super cool and sending me pics of their copy — on bookshelves, with booze, in the bayou. Basically, places that begin with B. (Not really — I made that up.) So here are a few more photos of Hagridden that people have been posting to socialContinue reading “More people reading Hagridden”