The Revenge of the Scammed

20131206102330-ScammeDA while back, a fellow writer, Edward J. Rathke, got ripped off. Long story short: a guy hired him to write a book, wrote a fraudulent check, and wound up scamming Rathke out of his entire savings.

So we in the writing community are banding together to help Rathke out — and get revenge on the guy who ripped him off!

The brainchild of Bartleby Snopes editor Nathaniel Tower, the plan is this: a whole gang of us writers are writing stories about the scam artist, using his (fake) name, and exacting our fictional revenge on him in print. The proceeds of the resulting book, The Revenge of the Scammed Anthology, will then go toward reimbursing Rathke for the money he lost.

And you can contribute to that reimbursement!

Donate to the campaign now, and you can get in on some great incentive packages, including a signed copy of my chapbook, Box Cutters.


Published by Samuel Snoek-Brown

I write fiction and teach college writing and literature. I'm the author of the story collection There Is No Other Way to Worship Them, the novel Hagridden, and the flash fiction chapbooks Box Cutters and Where There Is Ruin.

4 thoughts on “The Revenge of the Scammed

  1. Checking it out now.

    By the way, I got the chance yesterday to read right through ‘Box Cutters’ and loved every word of it. Over on my main web site (under the ‘New!’ tab) I recently had a rant about how there is no such thing as modern literature – it’s like the world of literature is what the world of science would be if we had all stuck to Newton – and you go and prove me wrong by not being afraid to write things without narrative resolution. Bravo.

  2. Postscript. I wanted to offer Edward a signed copy of a couple of my books, but getting in touch seems to require my jumping through a load of hoops (indiegogo and Facebook are being pains in the arse). I think you have my email address, would you kindly pass it to him?

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