The Jersey Devil has a special present for Mom and Dad

JDP ReverseDesign LungsFolks, here’s the situation: the founding father and Grand Poobah of Jersey Devil Press, Eirik Gumeny, needs new lungs.

Here’s the good news: Eirik’s on the shortlist for a transplant, and he’s within spitting distance of the hospital where they’ll do it once the lungs arrive. And his wife/JDP’s associate editor, Monica Rodriguez, is with him.

But there’s also the other news: lungs aren’t cheap. Even with insurance, there’s going to be hella hospital bills and recovery medical care to pay.

Of course, if we at JDP could foot the bill ourselves, we would, but as you all probably know, literature doesn’t often make you rich, and all the poop jokes in the world aren’t going to cover this thing. But we can help Eirik bide his time while he’s waiting on his lungs, and so our former content editor, Mike Sweeney, has come out of retirement for one special issue of Jersey Devil Press. And he’s assembled an all-star roster of some of JDP’s favorite writers — Danger_Slater, Ryan Werner, Craig Wallwork, Amanda Chiado, Ally Malinenko, and Mike himself — to fill out the issue. We’ve even brought back one of JDP’s most popular covers in a special variation, thanks to cover artist Crystal Elerson.

That’s what we’ve done. Here’s what you can do:

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