The Jersey Devil celebrates 100!

Today, I had the distinct privilege to launch the ONE-HUNDREDTH ISSUE of Jersey Devil Press! Break out your Kool and the Gang, y’all, because it’s Celebration Time! This milestone issue contains poetry from from Matthew Byrne and C. G. Thompson and fiction from John Gabriel Adkins, Carolyn A. Drake, Kimberly Kaufman, and Alyn Spector. We’ve alsoContinue reading “The Jersey Devil celebrates 100!”

The Jersey Devil ate all the Halloween candy and is ready for Thanksgiving now

Gang, the November issue of Jersey Devil Press is out, and it’s a beauty. Are you into creation mythology built on severed fingers? Have a taste for bodily invasive noodles? Feel like more heartbreaking love stories ought to involve geophagia? Harvest many organs? Like to hail Satan? Yeah, we got all that. Plus the fun sugar-skulled bulldog artContinue reading “The Jersey Devil ate all the Halloween candy and is ready for Thanksgiving now”

It’s a surreal September for the Jersey Devil

The heat must have gotten to us. Because as Jersey Devil Press leaves summer behind and ushers in fall, we’ve started getting a little . . . weird. And this is Jersey Devil Press, so that’s saying something! But it’s a wistful, surreal kind of weird, with monster bees that seem perfectly peaceful, a woman aloneContinue reading “It’s a surreal September for the Jersey Devil”

The Jersey Devil does 69

Oh, come on. It’s Jersey Devil Press‘s sixty-ninth issue. You know I had to go with that title on this post. Oddly, we don’t actually have any particularly sexy stories in this issue, unless you count a certain farmer’s weird obsession with his chickens. Instead, we have eeriness and death in the form of cross-dimensional travel,Continue reading “The Jersey Devil does 69”

The Jersey Devil celebrates the 4th by dropping burnt hot dogs for its pet dinosaur

Happy barbecue and sky-explosions, America! So how does Jersey Devil Press celebrate? The AMERICAN way! We ride wild mutant hogs, swallow bees, practice a little alchemy, hit the nudie bar of the undead, and build really big walls. Just like our Founding Fathers did. And yes, the Jersey Devil does indeed now have a petContinue reading “The Jersey Devil celebrates the 4th by dropping burnt hot dogs for its pet dinosaur”

This is The End, but not of the Jersey Devil

The May issue of Jersey Devil Press is out, and it’s full of the usual shenanigans: stunning prose poems, otherworldly obelisks invoking transcendence, blessed/cursed warriors, anthropomorphic animals in the workplace, and, of course, the apocalypse at the end of it all. Everything always ends in the apocalypse. There’s even some moody noir artwork on the cover,Continue reading “This is The End, but not of the Jersey Devil”

The Jersey Devil lost its head

You guys, I think I need a hug. The April issue of Jersey Devil Press has a lot of our usual shenanigans — wild art, Vikings, cigarettes, even poop. Lots of poop, right out of the gate. The first story has a lot of poop. And I love it. But that last story? The one about theContinue reading “The Jersey Devil lost its head”

March shrieks in like a Jersey Devil

It’s March. And it’s not roaring in like the lion — hell, here in the Pacific Northwest, it’s been spring for weeks, while back in Jersey, everyone is hibernating under several feet of snow and ice. The climate done changed, and the old axioms just don’t work anymore. But within the pages of Jersey DevilContinue reading “March shrieks in like a Jersey Devil”

The Jersey Devil puts the lotion in the basket

The February issue of Jersey Devil Press has been out for a few days now, so surely you’ve read it by now. If you haven’t, get over there for the awesome: we ride roller coasters (of love), we do a little native (love) magic, we play with a (love) snake, we erect epic, long-lasting monuments (this isContinue reading “The Jersey Devil puts the lotion in the basket”

The Jersey Devil loves pop tarts

We gorge ourselves on junk food and zoo animals and then we belch the belch of universes. Even the dinosaurs are impressed. And that, boys and girls, is basically the gist of our entire January issue! (No, seriously. Just read it. You’ll see.) Also, we’re extremely proud to start our new year with this fantastic cover art from architectContinue reading “The Jersey Devil loves pop tarts”