People (and miniature people) reading Box Cutters

It’s been a while since I’ve posted any photos of people reading Box Cutters, but I have a few cool new photos.

Author and poet Marie Marshall, my chapbook, and a box cutter.
From author and poet Marie Marshall (all the way over in Scotland!).
From Portland author Jenny Forrester, who picked up Box Cutters at Powell's Books.
From Portland author Jenny Forrester, who picked up Box Cutters at Powell’s Books.

And then there’s my brother’s photo. Way way back, my great-grandfather (“Daddy Bill”) handcrafted an exact replica of his home as a dollhouse for his granddaughter — my mother. It was a stunning piece of work, exacting in its detail, but with the roof off, it was also a wonderfully functional top-view dollhouse. I should know: my mother kept it, and I used to play with my Star Wars action figures in this thing — it was a perfect scale for them.

This is the repainted dollhouse.
This is the repainted dollhouse.

Recently, as a gift for my mother’s birthday, my brother — the artist Jon Snoek — refurbished the dollhouse, complete with handmade miniature artwork and furniture, all my brother’s painstaking handiwork.

This is my Granny's bedroom. That's my brother's artwork (in miniature) on the wall.
This is my Granny’s bedroom. That’s my brother’s artwork (in miniature) on the wall.

And in my Granny’s bedroom is a tiny bookshelf that my brother made by hand — complete with tiny books. And on the bottom shelf of that bookshelf: a teeny tiny replica of Box Cutters!!!

From artist Jon Snoek, my brother.
From artist Jon Snoek, my brother.
[These photo are from my father’s cell phone (hi, Dad!), so they’re a bit grainy. I’ll post cleaner pics as soon as I get them!]

Stay tuned for more pix in a couple of weeks, gang. I’ll be at AWP in Seattle next week, and on Thursday, I’ll be hanging around the sunnyoutside press table (Q9) in the bookfair from 11 to noon. I’ll probably be by there a lot more often than that, but I’ll definitely be around from 11 to noon. And while I’m there, I’ll be taking photos of anyone willing to pose with the book. If you’re at AWP, come by and find me! I’d love to take your picture.

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