Things I’ve done in Texas

Things I’ve heard most often while on book tour in Texas (in no particular order):

  • So, no quotation marks. What’s up with that?
  • I always knew you had it in you!
  • Wait — you’re a vegetarian now? Really?
  • Please tell your lovely wife hello!
  • How much research did you do for this thing!?
  • I want to get your book, but I’m going to order the hardback.
  • What in the world does “Hagridden” mean?
  • Do you remember [some mutual friend, family member, or really embarrassing story from way back when]?
  • Oh my god, I missed your laugh!
  • Would you PLEASE do an audio book?/I have your voice stuck in my head now every time I read this thing.

Number of books I’ve sold, donated, signed, etc, either from my personal stash or via a local bookstore (but not counting online sales or giveaways):

I don’t even really know, but several dozen. (So far!)

Number of people who have sold my books for me, either by calling up friends/dragging friends to readings or by literally accosting folks in bookstores and hawking Hagridden like a medieval town cryer (I’m looking at you, Sean!):

At least half a dozen.

Number of people who have finished the book just in the last week:

At least four that I know of. As far as I know, we’re still friends. 😉

Number of times I got recognized at random, non-reading places and wound up chatting about/signing Hagridden:

No kidding? Three times! =D

What I told a friend I was meeting for lunch when he texted to say he was running late:

“That’s all right. I’m in the cemetery anyway.” (I really was! I like to visit cemeteries — people who read this blog should know that by now.)

Number of hugs I’ve given/received:

All of them.

Next stop: Arkansas!

One thought on “Things I’ve done in Texas

  1. My 10 almost 11 year old grandson has been a vegetarian for 2 1/ 2 years now of his own choice. People think my daughter and I are crazy for supporting his choice. Good for you and good luck with your book sales!!

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