Portland book porn

This afternoon, I sojourned once again into Portland. My destination was the Another Read Through bookstore, where I gave a reading with some of my fellow writers in the current issue of The Timberline Review. But by happy (or, more accurately, bittersweet) accident, this is also the final weekend for Portland’s beloved Reading Frenzy indie bookstore — theContinue reading “Portland book porn”

AWP 2016: the bookfair haul and the photos

I keep thinking about recapping the last of my AWP experience, but I realized that everything I forgot to say the last few posts — events I witnessed, readings I attended, sites I saw — I can also show you through the pix I took: Los Angeles If you’ve been following the last week’s posts, you knowContinue reading “AWP 2016: the bookfair haul and the photos”

AWP 2016: Day 3: All the books and all the hugs

It is late Saturday night. I am exhausted. I have blisters the size of my thumbs from the daily 2.5-mile walk from my hotel to the conference and back (not to mention all the walking in between, in search of books and in search of presses and in search of panels and in search ofContinue reading “AWP 2016: Day 3: All the books and all the hugs”

AWP 2016: Day 2: the writing life and The Great Sewanee Reunion

I only hit one panel today. The rest of my time I spent in the bookfair, meeting folks — most of them from the Sewanee Writers’ Conference. Which has been lovely! I started the morning (after the construction woke me at 6 am) with breakfast at the celebrated Original Pantry Café. Remember my plane-mate fromContinue reading “AWP 2016: Day 2: the writing life and The Great Sewanee Reunion”

AWP 2016: Day 1: LA, the bookfair, and hanging with writers

I’m writing this post in two parts. I began it in the morning, wearily sipping coffee at the desk in my hotel room, but I will finish it late tonight. This morning I’m writing about my journey here last night and my exhaustion (already!?) this morning; later, I’ll recap the day. The trip here, really,Continue reading “AWP 2016: Day 1: LA, the bookfair, and hanging with writers”

AWP 2016: a guide (of sorts)

Every year, writers and publishers put out all manner of guides to AWP: panel guides, readings guides, bookfair guides, etiquette guides, bar guides, survival guides . . . . I’m not going to chime in much, because there are plenty of other guides for you to choose from. But I will share a few things on myContinue reading “AWP 2016: a guide (of sorts)”

AWP 2016: Where to find me and my books

So, it’s that time of year again: the annual orgy of drinking and books that is the Association of Writers and Writing Programs conference and bookfair, where writers emerge from our writing spaces and squint in the light as we greet each other with, “Oh, I know you on Facebook!” This year is going to be a bit different forContinue reading “AWP 2016: Where to find me and my books”

Hagridden’s birthday and the Burning River West Coast Tour

A few days ago, Hagridden turned 1 year old. It’s walking around and eating solid food and everything. (More tomorrow on Hagridden at one year old!) To celebrate, I took the novel on the road, joining Hagridden‘s older, smaller half-sibling, Box Cutters, and my sunnyoutside pressmate Christopher Bowen on his Burning River Prose and PoetryContinue reading “Hagridden’s birthday and the Burning River West Coast Tour”

Sewanee memories

I have so many wonderful, wonderful memories of my nearly two weeks up “on The Mountain” at Sewanee Writers’ Conference. If I were a more disciplined memoirist, I could get a whole book out of those twelve days. But here, I have time only for these too-brief blog posts, so I’ll save my amazing workshop groupContinue reading “Sewanee memories”

Ellen Urbani’s novel Landfall and your book club

Awhile back, I had the privilege of getting an early peek at Ellen Urbani’s much-anticipated forthcoming novel, Landfall. Set in the midst of Hurricane Katrina, the novel is not so much about the storm but about the maelstrom of our human lives and, specifically, the sudden collision of two pairs of women, mothers and daughters,Continue reading “Ellen Urbani’s novel Landfall and your book club”