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So, I mentioned yesterday that Blue Skirt Productions was one of my favorite tables at AWP. One of the reasons was that they ran a contest for their literary magazine, Microfiction Monday: they provided these 4×4 sticky note and asked folks to submit microfiction that fit on it. Ideally, one hundred words or fewer. And it was a contest, too! The winners would be published in a special APW edition of the online magazine.

Also at the conference, I met Grant Faulkner, founder of the magazine 100 Word Story (and executive director of NaNoWriMo!) and author of a book of 100 100-word stories, Fissures, which I bought. While I was chatting with him, I told him how much I admired the 100-word story and that my shortest story (“Consuela Throws Her TV Away”) was 380 words.

But I figured Microfiction Monday‘s sticky-note challenge was a good excuse to try a 100-word story, so I thought about it for a couple of days and then on the last day of AWP, I slapped my sticky note on the table.

That's my gray sticky note in the middle!
That’s my gray sticky note in the middle!

And gang, I got selected, and today the story, called “The Storm,” is live! And special note for Hagridden fans: eagle-eyed readers might spot how it’s related to my novel! (Another special note: my first attempt at NaNoWriMo was Hagridden. Everything’s connected!)

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