AWP Minneapolis: the bookfair haul

So, I’m back home in my beloved Portland, and despite having only carry-on bags for my trip, I’ve still managed to bring home quite a haul.

My books
My journals and magazines
My journals and magazines

I also want to give a quick shout-out to a few of my favorite tables in the bookfair. There were loads, but I honestly didn’t get to every table — the bookfair was dizzying — so I can only highlight a few of the coolest of the ones I saw:

  • Blue Skirt Productions, with crayons and music cds and their microfiction contest
  • Driftless Review, with a board of paint-penned workshop one-liners
  • The Common, with a map on which you could label the places where you told your stories (I pinned Cameron, Louisiana, for Hagridden)
  • Broadsided Press, with a very cool set-up of themed micro-broadsides on viewfinder discs(!) and ambient audio on headphones
  • The University of Louisiana-Lafayette graduate program, with the Rougarou literary journal (the staff there now have a copy of Hagridden, since we have the Louisiana bayou and the rougarou in common!)
  • Zoetic Press, where I got a shot glass filled with St. George’s Terroir gin (new to me, but I liked it! good sipping gin to go with their good books)

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