Photo blog 106

(This is supposed to be an animated gif. I don’t know if you can see it animated or not, but I had fun “dancing” on our moving cart the day we moved into our new home.)

Photo blog 99

“Kamikaze.” Reading at The Blue Monk in Portland, OR, for the Ampersand West Coast Invasion! 18 September 2012. (Photos by Jennifer Snoek-Brown.) To read my story from Ampersand Review, “Horror Vacui,” click here. To read the story I read at the event, “Kamikaze,” go to Red Fez.

Photo blog 98

Still continuing my Texas stories series. This time I’m posting from a story that isn’t available online, so you’ll just have to track down a copy of Red Wheelbarrow from 2008 and look for “Bathe in the Doggone Sin.” (Or email me and beg me to send you the file.) It was just a few … More Photo blog 98