Barnes & Noble, plus more Internet buzz about Hagridden

Not much happening on the blog tour until tomorrow, gang, but there are still loads of things happening online regarding #Hagridden. A couple days ago, I was very happy to discover that Malvern Books in Austin had done a blog post about my reading with Zoë Miller, including photos, both my and Zoë’s videos, and aContinue reading “Barnes & Noble, plus more Internet buzz about Hagridden”

Even MORE Hagridden blog tour!

Today, I gave a book talk about Hagridden at my grandparents’ retirement community and read a short story inspired by my ship-captain grandfather (the story, “The Voices Captain Brewster Heard,” will be published by WhiskeyPaper early next month). And in the meantime, I’m still on a blog tour! Yesterday, author Gay Degani interviewed me — we focusedContinue reading “Even MORE Hagridden blog tour!”

Hagridden blog tour extravaganza!

So, in addition to the incredibly generous folks hosting me for readings and book signings this week and next, a whole gaggle of kind bloggers out there are hosting me online as well. That’s right: I’m on a blog tour. (Let the links begin!) I began on Hagridden‘s release day with an interview with authorContinue reading “Hagridden blog tour extravaganza!”