Vienna: final thoughts (almost)

Day 7 and final thoughts: We woke early our last day in order to enjoy a full breakfast and take our leisurely time getting out to the airport. On our way into the city, aboard Vienna’s CAT train, we’d flopped wearily into the nearest seat and leaned against the windows to watch the countryside flashContinue reading “Vienna: final thoughts (almost)”

Vienna: Intro and Day 1

I like to keep a travel journal whenever I go anywhere far from home — it’s a habit I was assigned on a college winter-term trip to Turkey eleven years ago, but one I’ve enjoyed keeping since then — and so I kept one last week while Jennifer and I jaunted around Vienna. But I’veContinue reading “Vienna: Intro and Day 1”

Writing in Chicago

I’m in Chicago this weekend and most of next week; my wife has a professional conference here and I get to tag along and soak up the city. I love this town, and if I controlled the universe and could orchestrate my life, I’d probably fix myself with a nice brownstone in the Gold CoastContinue reading “Writing in Chicago”