Allow me to show you Where There Is Ruin

I am thrilled to announce that my fiction chapbook, Where There Is Ruin, has been accepted for publication at Red Bird Chapbooks! I’m a big fan of Red Bird’s work, and this new chapbook is especially exciting for me because I get to be part of their impressive roster of authors and poets, including my friends MatthewContinue reading “Allow me to show you Where There Is Ruin”

The Jersey Devil ate all the Halloween candy and is ready for Thanksgiving now

Gang, the November issue of Jersey Devil Press is out, and it’s a beauty. Are you into creation mythology built on severed fingers? Have a taste for bodily invasive noodles? Feel like more heartbreaking love stories ought to involve geophagia? Harvest many organs? Like to hail Satan? Yeah, we got all that. Plus the fun sugar-skulled bulldog artContinue reading “The Jersey Devil ate all the Halloween candy and is ready for Thanksgiving now”

Why I’m watching for the Watchman

First, I want to say that I am thrilled at the news of a second book from Harper Lee. I say that first because, while I’m not alone in my enthusiasm, there is also a lot of rumor and speculation and skepticism surrounding the recent announcement about Go Set a Watchman, a kind of prequel/sequel (accordingContinue reading “Why I’m watching for the Watchman”

The Jersey Devil watches mermaid porn

This might somehow be both the sexiest and the least sexy issue of Jersey Devil Press ever. I mean, on the one hand, we have a mermaid porn star and a dental assistant hot for bald men with cavities. But on the other hand, she’s hot for cavities! And there’s also a mind-controlling baby — a proven turn-offContinue reading “The Jersey Devil watches mermaid porn”

New publication

I’ve written about this before, from time to time, but now it’s out in the world, waiting for you to buy it: the Revenge of the Scammed anthology, a benefit book to help out writer Edward J Rathke, is now available for purchase at Amazon. In it, you’ll find my story, “What Scholars Study They Strive toContinue reading “New publication”

Scintilla Press is crowdfunding

Hey, gang. You like me, right? You like what I do here? You like what I write? Maybe you’ve read my short story “No Milk Would Come” in the second issue of Scintilla magazine. Maybe you thought that story was pretty awesome, and you kept reading to see what else Scintilla publishes. Maybe you likedContinue reading “Scintilla Press is crowdfunding”

New publication — in the Revenge of the Scammed Anthology!

I’ve been hyping this off an on, but I have new news about it: The Revenge of the Scammed Anthology, a benefit book to help out writer Edward J Rathke, will now include a new story by me, written just for this project! So if you haven’t donated to the campaign yet, head over thereContinue reading “New publication — in the Revenge of the Scammed Anthology!”