Steve Jobs supports the humanities and liberal arts

About ten months ago, I came across an article about Peter Thiel, the college drop-out turned tech mogul, and his grand plan to pay college students to quit school. It set me railing¬†against Thiel’s shortsightedness and ignorance, an irritation that stayed with me so strongly that I wound up referencing it again this past March,Continue reading “Steve Jobs supports the humanities and liberal arts”

Peter Thiel couldn’t pay me enough to quit education

Today I read a Slate article about how billionaire and college drop-out Peter Thiel wants to pay students $100,000 to drop out of college themselves. Supportive blogs and sites like GOOD claim he’s not asking kids to drop out but to “stop out” (whatever that means) because, as Thiel and like-minded moguls believe, education stiflesContinue reading “Peter Thiel couldn’t pay me enough to quit education”