Part 1 – Mark Russell, writer of DC Comics’ Flintstones and Prez – Book Club Discussion

Originally posted on Stargazer Comics, Toys & Games:
– Our recording missed a bit of this first question, but this transcript picks up very early in the conversation. – For the sake of not typing a lot of sound effects, imagine that we were all laughing, almost constantly, throughout this talk! ST: Can you tell…

The confidence of knowing your fictional universe

For about a year now, I’ve been struggling to revise a novella of mine. It has an interested publisher, and that publisher sent me some fantastic notes for kinks to work out in the story, but as I began tugging on burls in the knots I’d tangled, I realized how much more story there was to tell. AndContinue reading “The confidence of knowing your fictional universe”

My literary tshirts

Earlier this week, my teenage nephew sent me a tshirt that has become — immediately upon its removal from the padded envelope — one of my favorite tshirts: Metaphors I mean seriously, how amazing is that? (It’s available from JC Penny if you want one of your own.) But it got me thinking about some of my otherContinue reading “My literary tshirts”

Where I’ll (probably) be at AWP in Seattle

Whenever I’m lucky enough to go to an academic conference, I always have my students assign me homework. I go because I love the intellectual and social exchanges — hearing so many brilliant panels and literary readings, meeting so many fellow writers and finding so many new publications, and drinking with old friends and colleagues:Continue reading “Where I’ll (probably) be at AWP in Seattle”

This week in reading and writing on the Interwebs

I’ve been reading a ton of little articles and blog posts about writing the past couple of weeks, to the point that my browser was getting sluggish from all the tabs I had open because I wanted to revisit articles. Not all of them are recent, and only a handful were ultimately of any use.Continue reading “This week in reading and writing on the Interwebs”

Where everybody knows your name

It’s that time of year again: all the cool people are headed to the annual conference of the Association of Writers & Writing Programs — my beloved AWP. This year it’s in Boston, another of my favorite conference cities, and once again I’m bummed I can’t make it. I just have to one year leftContinue reading “Where everybody knows your name”

More math: a booklist

Yesterday I added up all the writing and writing-related stuff I’ve been up to this past year. But I left off the most important writing-related activity that isn’t actually writing: reading. That’s because it’s so big and so important it’s another post altogether. So here, this is what I read in 2012: Marcus Aurelius, Meditations RustyContinue reading “More math: a booklist”

Jesse Lee Kercheval sent me mail

Yes, what you’re looking at is a photo of two books, both by Jesse Lee Kercheval, that arrived in my mail today. And they weren’t in an Amazon box — they were in a thick manila envelope with my name and address handwritten by Kercheval herself. How, you ask? It pays to engage the writingContinue reading “Jesse Lee Kercheval sent me mail”

Reel Librarians nears its one-year anniversary

Are you a writer? A reader? A film buff? A library lover? A nerd? A little naughty? 😉 Help Reel Librarians celebrate its one-year anniversary by checking out the site this weekend and next week! It’s a couple thousand hits shy of 20k for its first year, and Jennifer Snoek-Brown (yes, that’s my wife) would love toContinue reading “Reel Librarians nears its one-year anniversary”