Small stone wrap-up

So, I’ve finished the January “River of Stones” project.  It’s been a lot of fun and, I think, good for my process–writing just this little bit every day, and paying careful attention to the words I’m putting down, has made me a more careful reader and even thinker as well as a more careful writer. Continue reading “Small stone wrap-up”

Small stone #31

Winds career over the rooftops, rending the rain-tarps in long shredded strips, flaying sections from the tin. The dust from construction down the street awakes and lifts from the sand and rock, filling the air like a city-sized, ponderous spirit. Out in the Gulf a storm floats past, but here in the city, we hearContinue reading “Small stone #31”

Small stone #30

Each eye feels punched in, my temples tight, my neck old rubber like an antique bicycle tire.  All this news coverage, but so hard to turn away from it when the people I’m watching on tv or on the Internet refuse to turn away themselves.  They face a wild and uncertain future, but they faceContinue reading “Small stone #30”

Small stone #29

Bob Marley in the dress shop makes the track lighting feel like sunshine, and all these bohemian prints and bell-sleeves tunics make me yearn for sandalwood incense and a Red Stripe, the sizzle of kebobs on the barbecue, and the green grass cool and dewy between my toes. I’m participating in the River of StonesContinue reading “Small stone #29”

Small stone #25

This evening, I sat in a small auditorium with a crowd of artists and intellectuals. On the stage sat three men: Dez Skinn, the British comics editor who founded Warrior magazine and helped launch the careers of Dave Gibbons, David Lloyd, Alan Moore, and Grant Morrison. Charles Kochman, an American graphic novel editor who championed Diary ofContinue reading “Small stone #25”