#Je suis Charlie

(Premièrement, s’il vous plaît excuser la maladresse de mon français. Mon français est tellement rouillée c’est décrépit, et oui, j’ai complété mes compétences linguistiques pauvres avec Google.) Comme beaucoup de gens — en particulier de nombreux artistes et écrivains et autres créateurs dans le monde — j’ai fait beaucoup d’introspection aujourd’hui. Pour les peu de … More #Je suis Charlie

Zen and the art of brutality; or, How can a Buddhist write such violence?

A lot of people read my fiction and tell me something like, “Wait. I thought you were Buddhist?” Even friends are sometimes surprised that I am (by intention if not always by action) so committed to compassion and nonviolence and the pursuit of enlightenment, yet I write such cruel characters, such violent events, such a … More Zen and the art of brutality; or, How can a Buddhist write such violence?


Today is Haikus for Sundiata Acoli day. The event, organized by Portland poet Walidah Imarisha and launched by the Sundiata Acoli Freedom Campaign, is a public literary activism movement to honor Sundiata Acoli and call for his release from prison. Acoli is a political prisoner, hounded by police for his membership in the Black Panther Party in the ’60s and ’70s (Sundiata’s … More #Haikus4Sundiata

Photo blog 46

  I’m posting this heart to represent the fragility of my heart as I watch the news this week, and to represent the huge sense of compassion I feel for all sentient beings all over the planet but, this week, especially for the people of Bahrain, Libya, and Japan. Please be safe, please be peaceful, … More Photo blog 46

American History WI

This is for all my friends and former colleagues in Wisconsin, who are making American history as we speak. America’s children will study these weeks in their US history and US government classes. These people in the streets these past few weeks — my friends — are our heroes, and our future generations will celebrate … More American History WI