Out of office: Sewanee 2015 and a new novel excerpt

So, I’m packing up and preparing for my trip to the Sewanee Writers’ Conference. It’s an odd feeling, a bit of nerves and a bit of excitement, like going away for summer camp. Which, in many ways, I suppose this is: it’s camp for writers, where instead of crafts we have workshops and instead of smores we have alcoholContinue reading “Out of office: Sewanee 2015 and a new novel excerpt”

A Writer’s Notebook: photo poem

It’s a photo exercise, but unlike previous versions, this one is a poem. And I have a reason for doing it. But, as usual, first the photo (this time an animated gif!): We stood in the street and watched the roof burn. The ridgepole a perfect line of flames, reaching like children for candy atContinue reading “A Writer’s Notebook: photo poem”