Author photo outtakes! (aka: “The One With All the Props”)

A few weeks ago, I shared some of the photos from my Blue Cactus Press photo session. And no photo session is complete without a whole bundle of ridiculous outtakes. And when people are taking photos of me, not all the outtakes are accidental — I come from a long line of goofballs and I … More Author photo outtakes! (aka: “The One With All the Props”)

Author photo session

As I continue to work with Blue Cactus Press on the publication of my forthcoming story collection, There Is No Other Way to Worship Them, we decided I needed updated author pix. So I consulted with my stylist (my wife, Jennifer) and Christina Butcher, the publisher behind BCP and also our photographer. And then, a … More Author photo session

Hashtag Hagridden

I’m not on Instagram, which is weird considering how much I like taking and sharing photos. (Remember when I used to keep a Photo Blog here on this website?) But a lot of folks seem to love it, and some of those folks — lo and behold — also dig my novel, Hagridden. Okay, sure, … More Hashtag Hagridden

A minor rearranging

Not that this is newsworthy, but I tweaked the website a bit today: now, under the About tab, you’ll find a link to my “Teaching & literary photos” page, which is really just a slideshow. The pix are mostly of me teaching or me at readings, but they’re kind of fun in that some are … More A minor rearranging

The wishing tree

In my neighborhood here in Northeast Portland, someone has put together a Wishing Tree. The tree is full of small nails, and there are two clipboards, one explaining the concept and the other holding a plastic baggie full of cardstock tags and a permanent marker. The idea is to take a tag, write your wish … More The wishing tree

Photo blog 106

(This is supposed to be an animated gif. I don’t know if you can see it animated or not, but I had fun “dancing” on our moving cart the day we moved into our new home.)