Reading from Hagridden at Lit Demon

A while back, I announced that I’ll be doing an online reading from Hagridden. That’s online, as in streaming video, live on your computer while you trim your fingernails and pick your nose (don’t worry — you can see me, but I can’t see you).

This all goes down on Thursday, June 5, from 6-7 pm PDT (8-9 pm CDT).


Actually, because of server space, there’s room for only 23 people at the reading, and last I heard, my reading is already full. Of course, as these things always go, schedules change and people back out, so keep an eye on the site in case a spot opens up, even up to the last minute.

But even if it stays packed, fear not! The good folks at Lit Demon are recording the reading and the Q&A afterward, and I’ll be sharing the video of it as soon as it’s available. So if you can’t attend, stay tuned to my blog or my Facebook page or the Lit Demon site for the video.

And it’s not just me doing this, gang! Lit Demon is running a whole series of these: they’ve already hosted readings from Nathaniel Tower and David S. Atkinson and CL Bledsoe and Bud Smith, and there are even more amazing readings coming after me, including J. Bradley and Rebecca Jones-Howe!

But wait, there’s more! If you’re a writer and you want to participate in the readings, you can apply for a slot. The application is fairly simple: just visit the online form and fill it out.

In the meantime, check out the reading series and sign up to “attend.” Then pour yourself a whisky, kick off your house shoes, and pull the handle on your recliner. And enjoy the show!

Published by Samuel Snoek-Brown

I write fiction and teach college writing and literature. I'm the author of the story collection There Is No Other Way to Worship Them, the novel Hagridden, and the flash fiction chapbooks Box Cutters and Where There Is Ruin.

4 thoughts on “Reading from Hagridden at Lit Demon

  1. What a concept. I did not even know such a thing existed. I am doing a book sign in a few weeks at a local Hastings, but guess I thought people did not do this sort of thing any more. Definitely something to think about. We did one where I teach school and I was totally astonished at how many students came.

    1. You might want to contact Lit Demon and apply to do a reading!

      Also, I love that Hastings is still around. I spent many an hour (and hundreds of dollars) in the Hastings in the town where i did my undergrad, and it’s still there. In fact, I’m planning a brick-and-mortar tour through that area if Texas later this summer and I’m hoping to read either at my alma mater or at that Hastings!

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