A sneak peak of my new book from Blue Cactus Press

I don’t know how many of you are sitting around on tenterhooks waiting for updates about my new book, but if that’s you, I have good news! Blue Cactus Press has put together a short video in which I talk about my writing process, offer some background on the new book, and give you some glimpsesContinue reading “A sneak peak of my new book from Blue Cactus Press”

“Standing Together” with Connotation Press

A handful of days ago, author Meg Tuite put out a call on social media for writers and artists to participate in a video about how we should not just survive the coming year(s) but also fight back against political and artistic oppression under a new regime. The result is “Standing Together,” a video I am proudContinue reading ““Standing Together” with Connotation Press”

On making a book trailer

I wanted a book trailer for Hagridden. I don’t know what good they do, really, and I might not have really worried about it at all, but just about the time my publisher and I were going over the initial proof of my novel, I saw the trailer for Leesa Cross-Smith’s Every Kiss a War.Continue reading “On making a book trailer”

Reading from Hagridden at Lit Demon

A while back, I announced that I’ll be doing an online reading from Hagridden. That’s online, as in streaming video, live on your computer while you trim your fingernails and pick your nose (don’t worry — you can see me, but I can’t see you). This all goes down on Thursday, June 5, from 6-7 pmContinue reading “Reading from Hagridden at Lit Demon”

Attend a literary reading in your underwear

You know you’ve always wanted to. Now, thanks to the Lit Demon, you can attend a whole reading series from the comfort of your bathrobe. The website that’s bringing you online creative writing workshops and editing services and a range of other awesomeness is now scheduling a series of readings, online, streaming live right into yourContinue reading “Attend a literary reading in your underwear”

Every Kiss a War, from Leesa Cross-Smith

I just bought Leesa Cross-Smith‘s debut story collection, Every Kiss a War, out from Mojave River Press. I was going to buy this book anyway, because I’m a fan of Cross-Smith’s work, both in terms of her own fiction and in terms of her fantastic literary magazine, WhiskeyPaper. (I had a story in WhiskeyPaper aContinue reading “Every Kiss a War, from Leesa Cross-Smith”

Look ma! I’m on TV!

That’s right, folks: earlier this summer — on June 18, to be precise — I was on the local TV program Arts Alive, based in McMinnville, Oregon. Host Lynda Phillippi invited me on to talk about my Civil War novel Hagridden and the research trip I took to Louisiana. It was a great conversation, duringContinue reading “Look ma! I’m on TV!”

A Writer’s Notebook: Why I cried at the Superman trailer

I mentioned last week that I’ve been writing an essay on Superman. I gave it up for a recollection of the ’96 Olympic Games, but the essay has still been on my mind. Then, the other day, a friend of mine posted an outraged link to Newsarama’s list of the 10 Worst Comic Book-Based MovieContinue reading “A Writer’s Notebook: Why I cried at the Superman trailer”