“Standing Together” with Connotation Press

A handful of days ago, author Meg Tuite put out a call on social media for writers and artists to participate in a video about how we should not just survive the coming year(s) but also fight back against political and artistic oppression under a new regime. The result is “Standing Together,” a video I am proud … More “Standing Together” with Connotation Press

Going home again

I don’t normally think of video games in narrative, literary terms. Sure, plenty of video games depend on story and follow some kind of linear narrative, but (and I’m not an extensive gamer, so gamers, feel free to add titles in the comments) I don’t often come across a game that is so immersive and so … More Going home again

Attend a literary reading in your underwear

You know you’ve always wanted to. Now, thanks to the Lit Demon, you can attend a whole reading series from the comfort of your bathrobe. The website that’s bringing you online creative writing workshops and editing services and a range of other awesomeness is now scheduling a series of readings, online, streaming live right into your … More Attend a literary reading in your underwear