More people reading Hagridden

Here we are again! Some of the folks reading Hagridden are being super cool and sending me pics of their copy — on bookshelves, with booze, in the bayou. Basically, places that begin with B. (Not really — I made that up.)

So here are a few more photos of Hagridden that people have been posting to social media (as always, reposted with their permission):

From my wife, Jennifer.

This is the first one of these photos ever. Before the official release day, even! My wife started reading it on the plane to Texas. 🙂

Sally F
From Sally F.

(Bonus: can you play “spot the chapbook”? Yep — that’s Box Cutters there next to the Gita!)

Rob Willl2
From Rob W.

You might know Rob from his generous review of Hagridden a few weeks back. Thanks, Rob!

Have you ordered Hagridden? Take a photo of it and share it with me! And I’m still happy to share photos of Box Cutters, too!

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