Ruining a box to extract a treasure

Okay, that title is dumb. I didn’t ruin the box at all. (My wife even complimented the pretty shipping label!) But I did cut the box open, and there’s a story there. When my first book, Box Cutters — also a chapbook of short fiction — came out and I received my first copies in theContinue reading “Ruining a box to extract a treasure”

Here Is My Ruin / Here Is My Treasure

The title of my new chapbook, from Red Bird Chapbooks, is Where There Is Ruin. It’s a title I borrowed from a line by Sufi poet Mevlana*: “Where there is ruin, there is hope of treasure.” When I told my mother the title, she thought it sounded awfully bleak, and indeed the stories in this collectionContinue reading “Here Is My Ruin / Here Is My Treasure”

Allow me to show you Where There Is Ruin

I am thrilled to announce that my fiction chapbook, Where There Is Ruin, has been accepted for publication at Red Bird Chapbooks! I’m a big fan of Red Bird’s work, and this new chapbook is especially exciting for me because I get to be part of their impressive roster of authors and poets, including my friends MatthewContinue reading “Allow me to show you Where There Is Ruin”

Chapbook interviews!

This is a fun surprise! Just before the holidays, I did an interview with the chapbook and novella website Speaking of Marvels, and today that interview went live. I love Speaking of Marvels, by the way. I only recently started reading them — my publisher, sunnyoutside press, sent them my direction — but we needContinue reading “Chapbook interviews!”

Winter writing retreat, day 9

Okay, so I haven’t actually done a lot of writing today. I certainly intended to, but this morning I got an email notice that some books I’d put on hold at the library had arrived, so I went to pick them up and they’re an absolute TROVE! So it’s been more of a “reading retreat.”Continue reading “Winter writing retreat, day 9”

Winter writing retreat, day 8

Today is going to be another late-writing day. Which is fine — there’s a reason my mother cross-stitched this for me a few years ago: So I’m up for it. But I’m running late because today has been an on-again/off-again writing day, not much of a “retreat” at all. I’m off the novel at the moment,Continue reading “Winter writing retreat, day 8”

Winter writing retreat, day 3

I’m taking a short break from my writing retreat. Yes, I know, it’s 9:30 at night and I ought to be wrapping up, but I’ve always been a late writer, and given a free schedule — or other demands on my time — this is when I usually work best. I have to make myself writeContinue reading “Winter writing retreat, day 3”

Winter writing retreat, day 2

Today was a nice, long day of writing. I shut my study door a little after 9 am and didn’t come out again til lunch. Then I was back in the study around noon and I kept at it until my wife invited me on a short walk around the neighborhood at 4 pm. Which was aContinue reading “Winter writing retreat, day 2”

Winter writing retreat, day 1

My grading finished and my weekend over, I spent the last hours of Sunday night planning my writing time for this week. I say all the time how I’m not usually one for rigid writing schedules, but when I’m doing a writing retreat — even an informal one at home — having a schedule helpsContinue reading “Winter writing retreat, day 1”

More people reading Hagridden

Here we are again! Some of the folks reading Hagridden are being super cool and sending me pics of their copy — on bookshelves, with booze, in the bayou. Basically, places that begin with B. (Not really — I made that up.) So here are a few more photos of Hagridden that people have been posting to socialContinue reading “More people reading Hagridden”