The Jersey Devil got into the eggnog

The time has come (a few days late) at last, folks: the December issue of Jersey Devil Press is live. It was worth the wait. This issue includes a surprisingly heart-wrenching story about sentient vending machines, a pensive tale of a lost mother, a terrifying Lovecraftian horror story about a janitor in a mental hospital,Continue reading “The Jersey Devil got into the eggnog”

The Jersey Devil and Jesus are best buds

One of my favorite things about working with Jersey Devil Press is that it NEVER gets old. Every issue feels like the best issue ever — I always love the work we get to publish. This month, we also get to introduce our new online editor, our old friend Laura Garrison, who is stepping upContinue reading “The Jersey Devil and Jesus are best buds”

Jersey Devil Press turns four

It’s that time again, gang: Jersey Devil Press’s latest issue is out! And it’s our fourth anniversary! Whether it’s two best friends slowly poisoning themselves to death, or a blind painter taking instructions from an imaginary dragon, or a stranded cyclist drinking water with a coffin-dweller and jamming to interstellar music, or a family hauntedContinue reading “Jersey Devil Press turns four”

Meanwhile, the Jersey Devil got drunk with General Grant

That’s an odd title for a post, but let me explain: The first story in the September issue of Jersey Devil Press is about a woman from the set of a vanity zombie flick having a love affair with General Robert E. Lee. And I know you’re not surprised by that sentence, because it’s JerseyContinue reading “Meanwhile, the Jersey Devil got drunk with General Grant”

The Jersey Devil never rhymes . . .

. . . But this month, for the first time in a full issue, we have poetry. That’s right, folks: your friendly neighborhood Jersey Devil Press, home to all your favorite short fiction — sci-fi, horror, comedy, sci-hor-medy, deep literary musings, and not-so-deep literary musings — has gone all bard-y and started breaking lines andContinue reading “The Jersey Devil never rhymes . . .”

Even the Jersey Devil worships the Great Old Ones

When I was in high school, I was a huge horror fan. I plowed through Stephen King, devoured Clive Barker, dabbled in Dean Koontz. When I discovered that Poe — which we were supposed to read for school and was therefore supposed to be boring — was actually a killer horror writer, I plunged intoContinue reading “Even the Jersey Devil worships the Great Old Ones”

Jersey Devil Press loves you, man

There’s a lot of soul-searching going on in Jersey Devil Press this month. Romance, identity crises, innocent sexual exploration, aliens in disguise, dust devils turning young girls into motes….. Yes, we’re getting deep. And topping it all off is cover art by returning artist Jon Snoek (full disclosure: I’m lucky to call him my brother).Continue reading “Jersey Devil Press loves you, man”

Jersey Devil Press will sneak up behind you undetected

December is a twofer: in addition to our special International Human Rights Day issue, Jersey Devil Press is also running our regular monthly issue. Except it’s anything but “regular” — this one’s another novella issue, and it’s a fistful of awesome! Why? Because of one stealthy, lethal word: Ninjas. Also: Football. That’s right. Ninjas andContinue reading “Jersey Devil Press will sneak up behind you undetected”

Jersey Devil Press. Keeping it real.

Ordinarily, when Jersey Devil Press releases a new issue, our editor does the official intro on the website and I just spout off whatever I think about the issue here on my blog. But this issue’s special, and really, I can’t say much about it better than Mike Sweeney already has, so I’m just goingContinue reading “Jersey Devil Press. Keeping it real.”

A friend in need

Eirik Gumeny is Jersey Devil Press’s founder and godfather (I have yet to kiss his ring, but only because we’re several states apart). And right now, Eirik needs our help, folks. With the cost of a transplant often exceeding $500,000, many families are unable to shoulder the financial burden of such a procedure. The Children’sContinue reading “A friend in need”