60 issues of Jersey-style Devilry

That’s right, folks. Jersey Devil Press has reached its sixtieth issue. And it’s full of the usual absurdity: a splinter becomes a surreal launch through space and time, atomic science speaks in hip-hop, dental issues become profound, fish are so much more than mere fish, scarecrows burst into flames, and apples — well, you knowContinue reading “60 issues of Jersey-style Devilry”

The Jersey Devil watches mermaid porn

This might somehow be both the sexiest and the least sexy issue of Jersey Devil Press ever. I mean, on the one hand, we have a mermaid porn star and a dental assistant hot for bald men with cavities. But on the other hand, she’s hot for cavities! And there’s also a mind-controlling baby — a proven turn-offContinue reading “The Jersey Devil watches mermaid porn”

There she blows! A head like a billy goat! It is the Jersey Devil!

Over at Jersey Devil Press, we’re famously fond of dick jokes. So of course I’ve been making Moby Dick jokes all day. Because the September Jersey Devil Press is a whale of an issue! (Groan all you want — there’s more where that came from.) The issue itself is a bit of a guppy, all flashContinue reading “There she blows! A head like a billy goat! It is the Jersey Devil!”

The Jersey Devil is LEGENDARY

The August issue of Jersey Devil Press is our special “Legendary Creatures” issue, and gang, it lives up to the name! Never mind that we have classics like a Sasquatch and a mermaid and a Skunk Ape and a Gorgon and a Green Man and more than one dragon. Set aside the fact that weContinue reading “The Jersey Devil is LEGENDARY”

The Jersey Devil loves a freak show

We have a brand-new issue of Jersey Devil Press, and it’s just in time for you to get your freak on for 4th of July! We have people wearing animal flesh, bloody murder for the throne of a back alley mob, haunted madmen on murder sprees, moth men, upside-down houses . . . And a rad woman on raging motorcycle for our coverContinue reading “The Jersey Devil loves a freak show”

People die around the Jersey Devil — but at least there’s an afterlife

The June issue of Jersey Devil Press is live. And full of death. Seriously. Everything from sweet old ladies in hospice care to suicides and, ultimately, nuclear destruction. For our own good, of course. But don’t worry! You can still get cell phone reception in Heaven. Okay, so the news out of JDP looks a littleContinue reading “People die around the Jersey Devil — but at least there’s an afterlife”

The Jersey Devil is afraid of nothing!

The May issue of Jersey Devil Press is out, and it’s a pretty scary one. But that’s mostly because the whole issue deals in fear — phobias, to be specific. Arachnophobia, which I think we can all identify with. Unless you’re Gwen Stacy. And thanatophobia, for those of you not yet ready to quit thisContinue reading “The Jersey Devil is afraid of nothing!”

The Jersey Devil wants to burn your books and eat your brains

Spring is just around the corner. The flowers are starting to push up and bloom, the sun is staying out longer, the weather will start to warm soon. But don’t worry. Jersey Devil Press has one last blast of cold, eerie darkness for you before your winter ends. We’re talking book-burning, war, zombies . .Continue reading “The Jersey Devil wants to burn your books and eat your brains”

The Jersey Devil has a special present for Mom and Dad

Folks, here’s the situation: the founding father and Grand Poobah of Jersey Devil Press, Eirik Gumeny, needs new lungs. Here’s the good news: Eirik’s on the shortlist for a transplant, and he’s within spitting distance of the hospital where they’ll do it once the lungs arrive. And his wife/JDP’s associate editor, Monica Rodriguez, is withContinue reading “The Jersey Devil has a special present for Mom and Dad”

The Jersey Devil likes all the best music, even at our age

This month’s issue of Jersey Devil Press is all kinds of milestone-ish. Not only is it the first issue of 2014, it’s also the 50th issue. Fifty! It’s rare enough that any literary magazine makes it that far, but for a weird little online magazine that loves dick jokes and aliens that live on humanContinue reading “The Jersey Devil likes all the best music, even at our age”