Repairable Men, by John Carr Walker

Folks who follow me on Twitter or Goodreads have likely already seen this review of John Carr Walker’s Repairable Men, but I liked the book so much that I wanted to include the review here, too. Repairable Men: Stories by John Carr Walker My rating: 5 of 5 stars Repairable Men starts out simply enough,Continue reading “Repairable Men, by John Carr Walker”

A new review of Hagridden, and FREE BOOKS!

Today has been a good-news day: I woke up this morning, silenced the alarm on my phone, and saw a Twitter notification that The Austin Review (a fantastic literary magazine, by the way!) had published Paul Adams’s review of my novel, Hagridden. And what a review! Adams does an amazing close-reading of the text, picking apartContinue reading “A new review of Hagridden, and FREE BOOKS!”

New (p)review of Hagridden

I’ve been the fortunate subject of some close readings lately! Last week is was a wonderful unpacking of three sentences from a story in Box Cutters, and this week, writer Jessica Standifird does some amazing things with a single paragraph from Hagridden! Standifird’s close reading is a “Paragraph Review,” a feature of Blue Skirt Productions. It’s a fascinating approachContinue reading “New (p)review of Hagridden

New review of Box Cutters

Folks, there’s a new review of my chapbook, Box Cutters! This one’s by Elise Matthews, in American Microreviews and Interviews, and maybe I’m biased, but I think it’s a fascinating read. A lot of reviewers have paid a lot of attention to the “between the lines” stuff going on behind the stories, but Matthews goes theContinue reading “New review of Box Cutters

New review of Box Cutters

I am so, so happy to announce that Danny M. Hoey, Jr, author of the novel The Butterfly Lady, has written a review of my chapbook, Box Cutters! The review is up at Heavy Feather Review, and it’s beautifully kind! In language that is poetic, evocative, and lean, Snoek-Brown has managed to create a world thatContinue reading “New review of Box Cutters

New review of Box Cutters

I just learned that Spencer Dew has written a new review of Box Cutters; it appears in the March issue of decomP magazine. Dew’s comments are humbling: This opening story shows Snoek-Brown at the height of power, mastering the sort of casual, interior ramble that puts us, as readers, inside the skull and soul ofContinue reading “New review of Box Cutters

New review of Box Cutters

This morning comes with coffee, a banana, a little NPR… and a wonderful review of Box Cutters, over at The Small Press Book Review, by Alex DeBonis. The words undo me. The stories in Box Cutters, Samuel Snoek-Brown’s flash fiction collection, operate on the principle that what’s included suggests what’s left out, with certain pieces resonatingContinue reading “New review of Box Cutters