Ain’t John Carr Walker’s Late Night Debut pretty?

About a month ago, I joined Late Night Library’s podcast series Late Night Debut, where I sat down for a conversation with author Margaret Malone about my sunnyoutside pressmate John Carr Walker​’s beautiful book, Repairable Men, and then I enjoyed a conversation with John himself. That podcast is now live online! Give it a listenContinue reading “Ain’t John Carr Walker’s Late Night Debut pretty?”

Repairable Men, by John Carr Walker

Folks who follow me on Twitter or Goodreads have likely already seen this review of John Carr Walker’s Repairable Men, but I liked the book so much that I wanted to include the review here, too. Repairable Men: Stories by John Carr Walker My rating: 5 of 5 stars Repairable Men starts out simply enough,Continue reading “Repairable Men, by John Carr Walker”