A whole bunch of awesome to read

I don’t know what the deal is with Sept. 12. Maybe, after a national day of mourning and¬†remembrance, we all feel the need to unwind with written art. Which sounds great to me. Anyway, in addition to my own new story that turned up online yesterday, several of my friends published or announced stories orContinue reading “A whole bunch of awesome to read”

New publication

I am so, SO happy to share my story “Lightning My Pilot” with you now that it’s up at Bartleby Snopes today. It’s easily the happiest, most pleasant story I’ve ever written. Like, my mom loves this story. It’s that pleasant. But I love it, too — it’s definitely up on my top five listContinue reading “New publication”

Happy Irish Writers Day!

A couple of years ago, I posted a list of great Irish writers — or, at least, ones I’ve read and liked — in celebration of St. Patrick’s day. This year, I have a new favorite Irish writer, and she’s going to get the post all to herself: the fabulous¬†Ethel Rohan. So far, I’ve onlyContinue reading “Happy Irish Writers Day!”