New publication

This summer, one of my primary writing projects has been composing new short stories related to my Civil War novel, Hagridden. Each story involves a minor character or two from the novel, people who have some important moments in the book but are definitely supporting characters to the main narrative; in these stories, those folksContinue reading “New publication”

Finalist in the storySouth Million Writers Award

Ladies and gentlemen! Have I got news for you! My story, “Lightning My Pilot,” is currently a finalist for the storySouth Million Writers Award! And YOU get to vote on the winner! This is huge news, gang, and I am absolutely THRILLED by it! If you haven’t read the story yet (or just want toContinue reading “Finalist in the storySouth Million Writers Award”

I’ve been nominated for the storySouth Million Writers Award!

Folks, this is just too amazing not to share: The editors at Bartleby Snopes have nominated my story “Lightning My Pilot” for the 2013 storySouth Million Writers Award! It’s a hell of an honor, and I’m inexpressibly proud to be listed alongside Joseph Lambach’s “Cutting Hair for My Sister” and Brian Kayser’s “Underwear and Leftovers.” Thanks, SO MUCH,Continue reading “I’ve been nominated for the storySouth Million Writers Award!”

Lulu for literature

Whenever I see the POD service Lulu, I think of LuLu hypermarkets, where my wife and I sometimes shopped in Abu Dhabi. But then I also think about friends of mine who’ve put out work through, and I think about the online literary magazines who have turned to Lulu to produce their fine printContinue reading “Lulu for literature”

New(ish) publication

People who read my blog a lot (no, I haven’t forgotten you, even though it’s been more than a week since I last posted) might remember my story “Lightning My Pilot,” which was in Bartleby Snopes back in September. If you missed it, don’t worry — it’s getting re-published by Bartleby Snopes: it’s just beenContinue reading “New(ish) publication”

New publication

I am so, SO happy to share my story “Lightning My Pilot” with you now that it’s up at Bartleby Snopes today. It’s easily the happiest, most pleasant story I’ve ever written. Like, my mom loves this story. It’s that pleasant. But I love it, too — it’s definitely up on my top five listContinue reading “New publication”