Kelly Luce and a literary communion

Last night I went to Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma to see my friend Kelly Luce read from her new novel, Pull Me Under. Kelly was in my workshop group at the Sewanee Writers’ Conference in summer 2015; another fellow Sewanee alum, Jason Skipper, teaches at PLU and had organized Kelly’s visit to the campus. IContinue reading “Kelly Luce and a literary communion”

Lit Crawl & Wordstock 2016: the recap

It’s been a week now since Lit Crawl and Wordstock. And what a week it’s been. I haven’t written much at all since Tuesday night, but this post has been brewing since last weekend, and it’s been a welcome change to take some time and look back on last Saturday with so much love and friendship.Continue reading “Lit Crawl & Wordstock 2016: the recap”

Lit Crawl Portland and Wordstock 2016

I’m taking a short break from NaNoWriMo this weekend to catch a train to Portland, OR and attend Lit Crawl and Wordstock, two of the year’s biggest literary events in one of my favorite literary cities! I wrote about Wordstock last year, but this year I’ll be volunteering (I’ll be a door monitor), so in addition toContinue reading “Lit Crawl Portland and Wordstock 2016”

Tacoma’s Creative Colloquy doesn’t crawl, it PARTIES

Last Wednesday, I ventured into the heart of Tacoma’s Stadium District to experience as much of my new hometown’s creative and literary scenes as I could in a single night. The event was the second annual Creative Colloquy Crawl, a kind of literary and creative “pub crawl” through businesses in one of Tacoma’s coolest and most creative neighborhoods.Continue reading “Tacoma’s Creative Colloquy doesn’t crawl, it PARTIES”

My writing space

From time to time, I assign my students an essay about their writing spaces. I share other essays about other spaces, some fairly spot-on (like an older one by my friend Alexis M. Smith) and some a little more out there (like this one on silence and sacred spaces by Pico Iyer). And then I haveContinue reading “My writing space”

How I didn’t become a writer, and how I did

Author Gay Degani is running a series on her Words in Place website called “Journey to Planet Write,” where writers describe their path toward their literary careers. A while back, Gay invited me to participate, which was thrilling! But as I began drafting my literary origins, I kept coming back to the stories I told myselfContinue reading “How I didn’t become a writer, and how I did”

Why you should apply to the Sewanee Writers’ Conference

The deadline to apply for the Sewanee Writers’ Conference is coming up fast, gang. April 15! And it’s FREE to apply, so you should definitely put in for it. Why? I’ve written a lot here on the blog about falling in love with the family I found at Sewanee last summer: My anticipation for SewaneeContinue reading “Why you should apply to the Sewanee Writers’ Conference”

Women writers for International Women’s Day

I often share lists of books or lists of writers here on my blog, for a whole range of reasons — books I’ve bought in the past year, friends with work coming out, reading challenges. At least three times now, I’ve shared lists of women writers, but that list keeps growing, and it’s become something ofContinue reading “Women writers for International Women’s Day”

The Portland lit community and Monica Drake’s The Folly of Loving Life

The other night (on Leap Day!) I headed to Powell’s City of Books here in Portland for the release of Monica Drake’s already-lauded new book — her first story collection — The Folly of Loving Life. I love Monica’s work, her two novels and the wonderful essays she publishes, and she also happens to be aContinue reading “The Portland lit community and Monica Drake’s The Folly of Loving Life”

Rattling language; wanting to write: Gay Degani on fiction collections and the writing life

It’s funny how writers find each other. Sometimes we meet at readings or conferences. Sometimes we’re fans of each other’s works. Sometimes we have mutual acquaintances and become friends online. With author Gay Degani, it’s been all three: I met Gay in a Facebook group for writers at almost the same time that I discoveredContinue reading “Rattling language; wanting to write: Gay Degani on fiction collections and the writing life”